Day 3 - Dealing with ME

Day 3 - Dealing with ME. A list of aids, adaptations, medication and treatments.

We are up to day 3 now, and this is probably going to be quite a long post, but I'll try keep it simple. I'm going to list the things that I have/need to help me with my ME symptoms.

*Electric scooter
*Walking stick
*Perching stool
*Extra handrails on stairs
*Rails outside
*Sofa bed
*Pillows for certain problems (legs, neck..ect)
*Splints for both wrists
*Kinesiology tape
*Occasional heart/blood pressure monitor

*Downstairs bathroom with toilet and wetroom

Without going into detail of exact meds and dosage for some items...
* Antidepressants
*Anti-anxiety medication
*Anti-nausea medication
*Pain medication - gabapentin and tramadol
*Digestive medication - Omeprazole, mebevarine + others for deodenitis 
*Sleep medication - melatonin
*Asthma - steroids and inhalers
*Vasovagal syncope - steriod tablets
*Vitamins & minerals - Vitamin D tablets, Iron, Magnesium spray and salts
*Migraines - migraleve & paracetamol 
*Extra - nose spray to help with breathing issues, throat spray for recurrent infections, heat pad, cool pad, eye masks, ear plugs, remote controlled dark light...

 (Not even a weeks worth of tablets)

There is no cure for ME. I do these treatments to help stabilise my condition and help make small improvements.
*Alternative therepy - Accupuncture and cupping. This is done weekly without fail and I've had it for the past 2/3 years. If I miss one week I become bedbound, so it's been a lifesaver for me, although it hasn't cured the problem
*Physio rehab and occupational therapy treatment

I could show you photos for all of these things, but that would a) take up a lot of room and b) be quite boring as you've seen most of these things before. Instead, I leave you with a slight snapshot into my life. I'm in hospital a lot and try my best not to complain about it. Here are some hospital related photos from a&e and other incidents.

Kate x

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  1. I have acupuncture too every week. :) I too have found it helps a lot...I have moderate ME and I feel it keeps me at moderate whereas if I don't have acupuncture I'd be mostly bed bound as well as currently I am still at university and working. I've never tried cupping however.