7 days of ME

This week is ME Awareness Week, and I always do something to raise awareness of my condition(s) around this time of year. This year, I'll be doing something a bit different. Throughout the week I'll be doing a blog post a day on things relating to ME, making it 7 days of ME. 

As many of you know, I always do a big fundraising activity for MEAW (ME Awareness Week). I'll be revealing what I'm doing this year at the end of the week, so keep your eyes peeled. Last 2 years were zip wiring across the river Tyne & doing an indoor skydive... Could we beat that?

Here's my plan for 7 days of ME. I'll be tagging it with #7daysofME for anyone who wants to follow on my instagram or twitter.

Monday - My Story. A timeline showing you what I did before ME up to how I am now. Oh, and a quick rundown of what ME is.
Tuesday - Symptoms list. A list of the symptoms I suffer with related to my ME
Wednesday - Dealing with ME. A list of aids, adaptations, medication & treatments which I have to lessen the symptoms of my ME.
Thursday - Achievements & lessons. What I have achieved despite having ME & lessons I have learnt.
Friday - The spoon theory. A theory we all refer to when trying to explain how much energy we have left.
Saturday - A day in the life of ME. A days insight into what I do and how I conserve my energy. (Can't promise it will be very interesting...)
Sunday - Reveal of my 2015 MEAW fundraiser.

Hope this will bring some awareness, looking forward to the week ahead. Kate x

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