Day 7 - What's happening on ME Awareness Day

Day 7 - ME Awareness Events

Edit. So, today was supposed to be my 'big' reveal of my big(and crazy!) fundraising event for 2015. Well, life just doesn't work like that sometimes. Both me and Brooke (another ME sufferer who I was doing it with) are having a bit of a tough time both physically and with exams, so we've decided to postpone our event. I reiterate postpone. We are hoping that we can complete it maybe later on in the year, or if all else fails, next year for MEAW. We hope we haven't disappointed anyone, but ironically, our health just isn't good enough at the moment.

So, I've been thinking so hard about what to do this year, and my mum quite rightly pointed out I don't have to do anything crazy, just something small as every little helps. So, I will be doing my bit by supporting others tomorrow. It's a really hard day for everyone, especially when sharing info about our health which we try to hide, and so many amazing people are putting on so many amazing events I thought it's time I take a step back and support other peoples fantastic events.

As well as participating in these 5 key events which will be happening tomorrow, I'll spend extra energy making surprise post for some sufferers to make them smile :)

Here are 5 events which are happening on ME Awareness Day (12th May) which I will be participating in, and I hope a lot of people will jump on board too. All by ME sufferers, plenty of opportunities to win, donate & raise awareness all round!

1) Meg Says (featuring Hayley) ME Awareness Video. Find it here at 11am on 12th May
I have only just recently came across the lovely Meg & Hayley via instagram. They are always posting such lovely things and I really admire their way of getting the word out. So, they've teamed together to make a youtube video about ME which no doubt will be amazing. Take a few minutes of your time to check it out. (Plus, they're gorgeous, you could do worse things with your day!)

2)Smile For ME's viral campaign.
Join in, or follow, Smile For Me's campaign to raise awareness of the condition. Alice and Gracey set up this amazing charity a few years back, and have been so helpful to me and many others. It's such a worth charity, and this simple idea is already raising so much awareness. Whether it's instagram or twitter get involved.

3) Spoonie Survival Kits 
Pippa has not only came up with this idea of creating little survival kits for ME sufferers, but she also makes them up herself. Whether you purchase one for yourself or as a gift, the money goes to charity, so why the heck not? Have a look here.

4)Blue Sunday
The whole idea of this is to have a little tea party, whether it's at home or online, to raise money for ME. It was founded by Anna who raised a lot of money last year. It takes place on the Sunday after ME Awareness day (17th May this year!) and is as easy as having a cup of tea. This is one of my favourite events, I think Katie and I are going to have a little tea party too! Have a cuppa & donate here.

5) Auction
The lovely Ali has created a facebook group (here) which support ME sufferers and gets them to 'fight like a princess'. I love this, especially since the group is called 'The Princesses and ME' since everyone loves princesses ;) She has some lovely items up for auction where the money goes to ME charities. Take part at 7pm on ME Awareness Day (12 May, remember?) and win yourself an item or two!

These are just 5 out of many events which are happening all over the country. A huge shout out to all the sufferers who are doing something, no matter how big, to raise vital awareness and funds. I salute you!

Well, that rounds up ME Awareness week. I hope these blog posts have been useful (big whoop to me for reaching nearly 3,000 views!) and I hope everyone manages to celebrate the day. 

Kate x 

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