21 things I want to do when I'm 21

My birthday is fast approaching and I haven't even had time to think about it due to having so much going on at home and exam stress. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to create a list of 21 things I want to do when I'm 21 to help me set my goals for this year. As always, they are health dependant, but one can dream, right?

21st List

1)Celebrate my birthday - It's right before my 2 exams so I'm going to have to postpone it until later in June. My plans so far are 2 hospital appointments so it'd be nice to do something a bit different
2)Finish (and pass) my a-levels - It's taken 5 years so far, I'm on the last hurdle
3)Start singing lessons - I've wanted to do this for ages but haven't had the confidence
4)Start pottery classes - I already have this planned for a few weeks time, so just need my health to behave
5)London graduation - I LOVE London, and I love Team V, and since it's the final year I want to make sure I get to say goodbye to everyone
6)Raise £1,500 for Project Parent - This would mean I can continue the project next year on my own back
7)Expand Project Parent - I'm currently appointing 5 area leaders for this
8)Complete GNR for Project Parent - And hopefully walk some of it...
9)Go on a Spa Weekend with my boyfriend - to a posh one as well!
10)Start my crafts business off again - It's been a bit neglected
11)Save enough money to go abroad - That 5* hotel would be nice...
12)Dance teaching - I don't care how long, I just love doing it
13)Improve my health - That should have been number 1!
14)Help other people with ME - Spread my knowledge + help people
15)Finish my summerhouse - It's nearly there!
16)Visit my friends - A bit of a push, but I love my friends + travelling
17)Decide what I would like to do for the next few years - to Uni or not to Uni
18)Do the big fundraiser for MENE - We had to postpone it due to health, but if thing pick up, Brooke & I are on a mission!
19)Gain another qualification - whether its a singing grade or a dance teaching exam, I'm flexible
20)Volunteer - I have my own project running, but I'd like to volunteer for some other organisations
21)Be happier, less stressed, manage my illnesses & spend more time with my family - Stress/illness/depression/anxiety takes up too much of my energy, I'd like that to change.

Of course, if my health changes all these goals will have to change too. I based this on thinking my health would get at least a bit better. If it's a lot better, I'd love to go to Disneyland. If I continue like this / deteriorate then we'll have to plan more things from my bed. The joys of not being able to predict my health, haha!

Kate x

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