5 Apps That Helped Me Through Lockdown

Here we are... again. When I started writing in March 2020 about shielding, I didn't think that 10 months later we would still be in this situation. In fact, I don't think anyone did! But, I had an interview today and one of the questions was about what I've learned during the lockdown. What I've learned the most, and what I'm still learning, are coping strategies. Strategies to get me through each day, hour, or minute. And that's something I'm really proud of.

I have never been the most tech-savvy person, but I do know how to use technology fairly well. Anything which helps make my life easier is something I'm interested in and I've certainly noticed over the past few years apps really stepping up their game. I have all sorts of apps on my phone, from organisation tools to social media, but there are some which have really stood out as helping me through the lockdown period which may be useful, in particular, to people with chronic illnesses.

My 5 recommended apps:

1 Second A Day - You often forget the little things you achieve, especially when you're like me and have memory problems! With this app, you upload a picture, or 1-second video, every day and it mashes it up over time. I have a video of shielding, a video of 2020, and a video of when I got my assistance dog. They become really precious memories and something you want to look back on. 

Spotify - Music is something that really helps me. I can tune out, relax, and meditate. Or, I can choreography and dance. I listen to music every day and it's a real escape for me, so this app is a must!

Clipomatic - Something which you probably didn't expect on this list. But this app translates your voice into written text on the screen. As someone who works in the 'influencer' world, it's really useful for creating accessible content on my platforms and I've used it a lot recently. 

fuelService - Even though I've been shielding, I've still had to go out. I have an assistant dog to walk (which I have to travel to an accessible location), I have had various hospital trips, work commitments, and medical appointments. My car still needs fuelling and this was something I was extra scared of doing because of how many people touch the fuel pumps and pay kiosks. I'd used an app, fuelService, before which requests assistance for disabled drivers and it's even more useful to use during the pandemic.

Findmy - As a 26 year old, many people couldn't think of anything worse than to have a tracker on their phone which their loved ones can view. But when I called my parents a few weeks ago after I was on the floor whilst on a dog walk, I knew that my dad could switch his phone on and find my location. For me, it's peace of mind knowing that if I want to go somewhere, I'm easy to find if something does go wrong (which unfortunately with my health it does!) and my loved ones also don't worry as much. 

What apps would you recommend?

Hope you are staying safe,

Kate xx

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