Day 5 - The Spoon Theory

Day 5 - The Spoon Theory

The idea behind it is that your energy represents a certain number of spoons. So say, for example, I had 15 spoons a day. This is my energy limit and I cannot go over this. Then, with these spoons, I can do a number of tasks in exchange for the spoons. For example, getting dressed might take 2 spoons but meeting a friend may take 6 spoons. Once you work out how easy it is to use your energy, and spend your spoons, you'll be amazed at how quickly they go. For me, my 'spoons' are spent on everything from talking to friends/family to going out for hospital appointments. It's very easy to spend your spoons. Some days, you have less spoons because of a relapse or blip. Occasionally, you can spend some of the next days spoons but this will have very negative affects and can easily cause a relapse.

Find out more about it here

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