Day 6 - A Day In The Life Of ME

Day 6 - A Day In The Life of ME

Here, I want to show you a typical day I have. These vary a lot so I've put it into 3 categories; a 'normal' day, a 'good day' and a bad day. 

Normal day:

I wake up everyday (bar my particularly bad days) at 10am as this is what my OT has advised me to do since I was sleeping all the time. It takes me about half an hour before I can sit up due to dizziness & weakness. My sister will come upstairs with my breakfast (gluten and dairy free porridge) and I'll stay in bed. At about 12 I will get up from bed, put some clothes on, and make my way downstairs onto my recliner chair. I'll lay in my chair until 1.30 when my carer comes. My carer will make my lunch and have a chat, which breaks my day up nicely. I'll usually do half an hours activity, like have a look on my laptop, and go upstairs for 2.30. I then sleep 2.30-4pm (which is really good for me, after sleeping so much during my relapse). When I wake up, I'll lay in bed for a bit & do some easy jobs (like writing letters or work) and come downstairs when tea is ready. After tea I lay in my recliner, or on my sofa bed, and watch an hour or so's TV. I will then do half an hours work. I'll spend time with my family downstairs until about 9.30 when I'll go up to bed. I'll usually write in my diary, do some drawing and text a bit before going to sleep at 11pm. And that's it really! Things which differ to this routine is I usually have at least 2 hospital appointment per week which I have to attend, and I go out with my carer on a Wednesday, so I have regular small outings for medical purposes. I also teach for half an hour once a week which is my only 'normal' activity I do which isn't for medical purposes.

Good day:

Things will be added onto my normal routine if I have a 'good' day. This would usually be going to meet a friend for an hour or going out shopping. It's really important getting out & socialising to help both my mood and anxiety. 'Good' days usually mean I am out of bed more, talking more and generally feeling a bit more alive.

Bad days:

This is the easiest one to write. My 'bad' days usually consist of sleeping around 20h through the day, and when I'm awake I lie in darkness with my earplugs in and have a small meal. Thankfully, these really bad days only happen about once a month. I have about 2/3 'bad' days where I cannot do my normal routine but my really bad days are less regular.

The thing with this illness is that it varies so much. I've learnt to pace myself so I don't have as many bad days, but if you have a relapse or blip your whole routine can change in an instant.

Kate x

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