Fresh sea air

Well, this week has been rather nice :) I still haven't been very well but at the weekend I managed to go for a 5 min push along the beach & 10 mins in the park :) So it was very exciting to get some fresh sea air!
 Here are the 'wobbly men'. When my mum told me we were going to go see the 'wobbly men' I thought she meant men with wobbly bellies wandering around the beach.. But no, it's a statue ;)
 Here they are up close, it looks like you can push them over but you can't.
 I took some beautiful photos of swans in the park :) So pretty :)
 Here is the lovely sea view I had, literally about 5-10 steps to get to the water so will be perfect when I can walk a bit further and then I can go have a paddle in the sea! :)
 And here is the sea view with me plonked infront of it ;)
Birds in the sky :)
The little mini train Abi & I went on, because we have the mental age of a 5 year old ;)

Craft project: Cork board

I made a beautiful handmade cork board a few days a go that I have sent to my cousin (not sure if she's really my cousin but anyhow, we think so!) Thought I would share with you how to make it :) Also, you can buy them from me for £6 including p&p which is pretty reasonable I think!

You will need: a cork board & frame, material, pva, scissors, paint & decorations

 Start with a blank cork board. You can buy these online or at many craft shops :) Pop the cork board out of the frame (quite a difficult job to do without breaking it, so get someone to help!). Cut material to size then stick on with PVA. Add decorations like ribbons on.
Paint the frame and leave to dry.

Put the cork board back into the frame so it should look like this. Cover the back with a piece of card to make it look more professional. Also, you can decorate / personalise the frame. 
Add finishing touches like a flower shown here in the middle. And you're done! Just buy some lovely pins and hang up :)

If there's anything you would like to see on my blog do let me know by emailing

Lots of love, kate x

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