They see me rollin' ;)

A roller-coaster of a week.. More health problems meaning I couldn't go on holiday, but I'm being admitted to hospital for the day on Tuesday so hopefully they'll sort me out ;) Anyways, a good thing that happened this week is a got my new wheelchair! :) It doesn't fit in the car mind, but we are sorting that problem out ;) Sooooo.. here it is *drum roll*

It has big wheels :) Loads of back support with adjustable tension and angle :) Really cool footrest with leg support :) Memory foam contoured cushion to help my pain :) And, its green ;) I absolutely love it, it is so comfy and much easier for my family to push :) I still need a name for it, kermit and hulk are a possibility but I think its too pretty for them ;) Let me know if you think of anything ;)
Thank you to everyone who donated money towards my wheelchair and came to my fundraiser. It has made a huge difference already and I am so thankful for it!

So, after a pretty tough week emotionally and physically, I came up with this weeks blog post. 
What makes you smile?

 Here are a few things which make me smile :) These are some lovely flowers from my lovely boyfriend :) He has been brilliant with me all week, and gave me lots of cuddles, which is just what I needed :)
  Surprises! I got this balloon through the post from my friend Becca! Honestly put the BIGGEST smile ever on my face, especially since it's eeyore! ;) Thank you love! <3
Comfort food ;) Mum & I decided we were in need of a chocolate pancake. Definitely made me smile.
Shopping & cosy clothes ;) All mixed in one here! We went shopping in fenwicks, and I got these comfy superdry joggers in the sale :)
 Friends, family & Michael :) I went to a house party for a bit last week, which was amazing! Got my mind off things and I can't wait to do something like that again :) So thank you to all the lovely people who where there and had a great laugh with ! Love you all lots :) 
Crafts :) I have spent a lot of this week making craft things :) Here is all the mess I make in the process ;)

I think everyone needs something to cheer them up when things are tough. It helps to know what makes you happy, and keep that for your tough times.

Craft Project:
Following the theme, 'what makes you smile' Give this as a surprise to loved ones :)

 You will need: Blank card & envelope, gems, mini envelopes, paper, glue.
 Start off with your blank card and cut out a square of paper a bit smaller than your cards size. Stick the mini envelopes (you can either make or buy these) onto the card like this ^. Cut out 4 pieces of paper a little smaller than the envelope size & write messages on them.
Put the messages into the envelopes and seal. Add gems for decoration and a 'iloveyou' sticker. All done!

Well, that's all for now. Give-aways are coming soon, just putting the final pieces together ;) So keep an eye out!

Lots of love, kate x

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