Give-away timeeee :)

Hey :)

I've had a pretty rough week,  but, it means I have been able to make a few new crafty things which is amazing :)

Here are the smiley face bracelets I've been working on :) I really love them and have got some really nice/positive feedback from people who have bought them!

I am so proud of this bracelet :) It's a vintage style one to go with one of my tops, and has turned out to be very popular!

I have also been making some writing sets for Post Pals :) Really enjoy doing them & making money for a very worthy charity :)

To purchase any items go to either or (More items on my facebook group!)


Instead of doing a proper blog post + craft project this week, as i'm very tired, I'm doing a competition for a give away :) You can win these prizes below, and all just by doing some of these tasks! Get entering! :)

Here are the prizes :) A crazy amount of things & I might even chuck a few more surprises in there!
Sorry this is so short - sleeeeeeepy.

Lots of love, kate x

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  1. All of that looks great Kate! I love the smiley face bracelets especially :) Heather xx