Mothers day crafts :)

Hello :) Well, this week has been rather up and down! I've had to deal with extra poorly-ness which has pretty much floored me, but even so I had a really nice week :)

I've been experimenting at making some new crafts things!
 Here are some decorated wooden words :)
 Personalising the blank ones, which will look pretty when done :)
 More words ;)
 'One of your five a day' earrings!
Gorgeous paper flowers I've been making for mothers day :)
Here are my first ever batch of bathbombs! so proud! Was going to make them to sell to friends, but since it'll cost over £200 to get a safety assessment and insurance, that will have to wait..

All of which can be seen on my facebook page ( or email me at about any of my items :)

So there are some of the lovely crafts I've been making this week :) I've just got my things through to make my first ever 'rag-rug' which I am VERY excited about doing :D


Today, i'm doing my blog post about mothers day :) It's coming up soon (18th March!) so I thought people might be appreciative of some things they can hand make themselves :) 

My mum is amazing, and I bet your mum is too :) And what a better way to show it than by making your own handmade gifts, which also is a really cheap idea too ;) I thought I would share a few easy craft projects suitable for mothers day that I've made :)

  1. Cards - you can make a mothers day card very easily, using whatever craft material you have! This one was made by glueing patterned paper on a blank card. Then, I added stickers, paper & gems on top to give a layered effect.

2.      Decorated note book - Grab an old unused note book, or simply buy one from a shop (you can get them fairly cheap!). Cover with paper and decorate :) And that's it! You can also use the same idea for shopping lists, diaries..ect
 3.   Bake! - Whether you decide to make some gorgeous cupcakes, or your mums favourite treat. These cupcakes above were just made using a simple cupcake recipe and decorated with sprinkles & smarties :) Another idea is you could even make her lunch that day for a change :)
4. Decorated photo frame - Get a blank photo frame and take out the card insert. Simply decorate like I have with this one, put the insert back and you're done :)
5. Phone/bag charm - This is a really simple one which is easy to do :) First you need to buy the actually phone charm, and add a jump ring through the hoop. Then, thread a pin through the heart, clip with pliers and curl until they meet at the bottom :)

There are a tonne of other ideas, use your imagination and evolve your crafts to your mums taste :)
Any other questions, or if you want more ideas, just email :)

lots of love, kate x

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