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Hellooooo :)

Well, my life since my last post has been rather eventful ;) First it was a kidney infection, now a bleeding stomach. So more test & appointments. Fun fun fun! But, my friends have all been super lovely by sending me cheery messages & post which has kept me going this week! :)

I spent a lot of my time in bed these past few day, and have been making some beautiful little letter sets :) I did a little deal on facebook for a few friends, so waiting to send them off & hopefully get some good feedback :) I'll also be giving a set away in a future blog post, so watch out! :) Also, I managed to go to a few shops yesterday which was great! Got some Toms (decided to wear them today in like minus 1000000000 degrees which wasn't such a good idea..), a new dress (can never have too many dresses ;)) and some arty stuff :) So I am starting some new craft projects which is exciting, and when I've finished them they will be on here :)

This week has been freezing. It makes me very thankful that I have a a lovely warm house to live in! I really wanted to go out and capture some frost pictures with my camera outside (the frost has been spectacular. have you seen the pattern it creates on windows & things?!) but I haven't been well enough or able to walk far enough so I have resulted in internet pictures ;)

Fair enough this isn't frost really, its snow. But the sky has been ever so beautiful this week, a bit like that ^ and sometimes blue, orange & pink :)
Because of this cold weather, mum has been making me nice cups of hot chocolate :) So tasty :)

Craft Project: Week 3 
Here is some lovely paper bunting. Very very simple to make :) 
You will need: coloured card/paper, hole punch, pencil, scissors & string. Optional sequins, glitter, pens..

Step 1: Make a template for your design and cut out the different coloured cards all in a heart shape.
Step 2: (optional) decorate the heart with glitter pens, sequins..ect
Step 3: Thread the string through the holes and make a loop at both ends. And, you're done!
 This kind of bunting can be made too, it works nicely with twining instead of string. And you also don't have to hole punch anything, you just cut out the base shapes, and then stick the design you want on top of the string :)

Email me at kate.louise.xox with any ideas you want featured or comments :) Hope you are all okay.

Lots of love, kate x

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