Make someone smile today :)

Okay, I apologise massively for the late post. I have been very poorly with a kidney infection which has pretty much wiped me out, but I can sit up today so I thought I'd spend my energy doing this :) Oh, and also apologies for this very annoying colour behind my text, I can't seem to set it to transparent, any suggestions?

Being ill is exhausting. And going to hospital, doctors appointments, seeing specialists makes it even more so. But, one thing that makes me smile when I'm ill are letters/post from people :) 

Here is my room, you can see my feet ;) You can see my wardrobe is filled with lovely things that make me smile when I'm stuck in bed (like there^). 

So why are you telling me all this? Well..

You could make a difference to someone's lives. As I said, the one thing that keeps me going on my bad days is post. There is a website called 'Postpals' set up by a very talented girl who also suffers with ME. The idea is you can write to a poorly child or their sibling(s), and really brighten their day. Its very easy to do in just 5 quick steps:
  1. Click on a child's face or select "Find Pals"
  2. Read their page (each child has one page)
  3. Write a card, letter, Email, sign their guestbook or even send a gift to the child and post it to the address on their page (NB this is not the child's home address, but a forwarding one). Please don't expect a reply.
  4.   Report post sent on the stats page
  5. Sit back and know that a child is smiling because of YOU.
    Whether it is a quick email, or a cheery letter, or a handmade gift, everything makes a difference and can really brighten their day. So please, take just 5 mins of your time to write to a pal or even do some fundraising for them. Its a very good cause and you know you are the one making a difference!

    So, the craft project for this week is inspired by post pals. I'm going to show you how to make a very simple card, which would be lovely if you could send it to a pal!
    Materials needed: Glue, blank card & envelope, stickers, card, scissors, glitter..ect

    1) Start off with a blank card. You can get ready folded ones from places like the works & hobbycraft!

    2) Literally decorate it with whatever you want. Glitter, stickers, drawings.. And that's it!

    Here are some simple one's I have made :)

    They look more professional if you use a stencil/stamp for the writing :) but anything will do!

    Really hope this has inspired people to go look at post pals. Comment or email me ( if you do as I'd love to know! Also, and ideas on what you'd like me to blog about / craft projects are most welcome :)

    Lots of love, kate x

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