Baby you're a firework

Happy new year everyone! :) Hope 2012 will bring much happiness, opportunities and achievements :)

Well, its now 2012 :) I somehow managed to stay up 'til midnight to watch the famous London countdown & fireworks on tv which was amazing :) Then I retreated to my bed to watch a few local fireworks from my window which was also very nice! So, new year means new start. I know a lot of people believe 'you don't need a new year to change things' but I honestly believe there is something magical about it. Something that makes you want to change and gives you motivation. You can start a fresh any time I believe, but new year is an even more perfect time.

So, since its January I am wandering what your hopes are for 2012. Do you have anything to look forward to or have you made any new years resolutions? I have some amazing things to look forward to this year, and will update you one what they are later in my posts :) 

Here are some of my new year resolutions:

I would like to raise awareness of ME and raise money for a ME charity.

Continue blogging throughout the year & gain some followers ;) Hopefully have some positive feedback about it and make a difference somehow!

Put all my loose change in a piggy bank and not touch it until December when I can count it up and use it to treat myself!

Continue Project 365 but start a new one for 2012. Scrapbook it too!

Drink at least 2 bottles of water a day. Since I basically only drink coke this is going to be hard..

Set up my jewellery & crafts business online. Spread the word & make some new things! Why not take a look?

Do 15 mins relaxation & stretching each day.

So yeah, who knows how long I will manage to keep my new years resolutions for. But I love a challenge! Comment & let me know what your new years resolutions are :)

Craft project - week one :)

I said I would do some craft ideas/projects for people :) So, I thought this was a lovely one to start the new year. (This isn't the actual canvas I made, but very similar, the photo won't upload & it's basically the same thing!)

Here's what I'm going to show you how to make. You don't have to make a butterfly, it could be a heart or anything else at all! Perfect for presents and just for decoration!

What you will need: Blank canvas (any size, the bigger the better!), lots of little left over crafty things like buttons, bows, stickers, sequins.. use your imagination and make it unique!, some pva/superglue, paint, pencil & a glitter pen :)

Step 1: Paint your canvas with acrylic paint. One colour looks best but you can experiment with others :) Leave to dry
Step 2: Lightly trace your design in pencil on the canvas and go over in glitter glue. Leave to dry.
Step 3: Collec all your crafty objects together and stick inside the lines. You can even overlap/layer them. Make sure they are stuck down with strong glue!

And that's it! Step back and admire your work :) Looks really good hung up :) Another idea is to add some ribbon to the background which looks so lovely :)

I hope you enjoyed my first 'proper' blog post :) And I really hope people like my first ever step by step craft project! Please leave me feedback & follow to see more amazing things I have in line!

Loads of love, kate x

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  1. I absoloutly love the butterfly canvas so will definitley have to have a go at making something like that in the near future!

    I guess I haven't really set any solid resoloutions but just

    -Make sure I do at least one thing a day that makes me smile.

    - Try not to get too stressed over things that really don't matter.

    - Work harder on getting a better balance between health and college because one is always suffering!!

    - Make this butterfly canvas hehe

    - Try and give my mum a lovely surprise for her 40th <3

    - Enjoy life.

    - Continue with project 365

    sooo there you goo ;) yours seem better mind!