Spring Cleaning Guide for Dog Owners

Spring Cleaning Guide for Dog Owners 

It’s that time of year where everyone loves a good spring clean. With the nation obsessed with ‘hinching’, I have a few added challenges which impact a normal cleaning routine; the first being I have a chronic illness which majorly limits my activity levels and the next being my new(ish), hairy, assistance dog.

I devised a list, mainly to help me pace through my spring clean, and wanted to share with you some tips. I was kindly gifted a box of Sweetpee products a few months ago which I have been trialing with great success so you’ll hear me talk about related items on this post - it’s not sponsored but because I liked the products so much (and they’re a local company, my followers know I love supporting local!) I’ve put links at the bottom of this page if you’d like to check them out.

So, here are 7 steps for your spring clean!

1 - Wash soft toys, blankets & bedding:

It’s time for a wash! Put your soft items in the washing machine, (spray with Safesol Multipurpose Disinfectant & leave for 15 minutes before washing to kill the bacteria, germs & viruses, I do this before I put it in the washing basket!) and add 50ml of Sweetpee ‘Pet Stain and Odour Eliminator’ to the drum to get rid of any lingering smells. I've also heard rave reviews of Vamoosh which dissolves pet hair in your washing machine which I'm desperate to try! Also, whilst you’re stuffing those mountain of animals in the washer, have a sort out and discard of any unsafe toys.
Note: Many of you will be saying 'Kate, why aren't you using Zoflora?'. My dog has sensitive skin and I couldn't use Zoflora (no matter how good it smelt) on any of his items, but I recently found out you're not supposed to use it on fabrics anyways - so a little note for those with sensitive skin!

2 - Hoover or steam floors:
This is a task which is particularly difficult with a chronic condition, but I’ve realised sit-down-hoovering is a thing. Handheld pet hoovers are your lifeline on this occasion and I bought a second-hand steam cleaner for £15 off a local selling site. Don’t worry about asking for help or doing it in sections, it’s a big task! 

3 - Disinfect food bowls, hard toys & assistance items:
For dog bowls I use Pet Multipurpose Spray which I spray on, wash off and leave to dry. I also use the same product to clean the feeding area, treats bag and storage tubs I use to keep food in. Spencer fetches a lot of items for me like phones, remotes & medication bags so I give them a good old wipe down too.

4 - Valet your car
My wheelchair accessible vehicle is something which I cannot clean by myself, so unless I bribe a family member to help out, I pay for a local business to come clean it for me. Getting a car seat cover, like this example from petplanet, has been a game changer for not needing my car valeted as often (simply wipe down or pop that through the wash) and I always have a travel sized bottle of Sweetpee Odour Eliminator handy as it’s been incredible at getting the smell of wet dog out the car after our walks!

5 - Hose down the toilet area
Assistance dogs have a specific toilet area and mine is an enclosed pebble section. To clean this, I dilute Pet Multipurpose Spray with warm water and put into a watering can. I then pour over the stones and give the area a good hose down before leaving to dry. To get a thorough clean, I also rake over the stones and spray the bottom of the posts too.

6 - Clean the dog:
Lets not forget a vital role in all of this, the dog itself. To wash Spencer I use hypoallergenic shampoo and let him dry naturally. I then spray with Mucky Pups no-wash shampoo before using this deferminator brush, a silicone brush and finally a bristle brush. I clean his ears by diluting the pet disinfectant spray and using a cotton pad. I brush his teeth regularly with toothpaste and a brush but also add Sweetpee gumdrops to his water. Finally, if his nails need doing I get them trimmed at a salon, as with him being black this is particularly difficult!

7 - Enjoy spring!
Spring is such a fun time for dogs (and humans!) and with the warmer weather approaching there’s plenty to do. From beach trips, to making doggy ice-lollies, there’s plenty to explore so go out and have fun! For those with assistance dogs who'd like to treat their dog for helping out with the Spring cleaning (or y'know, if you just want to treat your dog anyways!) I can 100% reccomend The Snack Pawtal and Puppy Sue's K9 Kitchen which both have a range of grain free (and normal!) treats! 

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Kate & Spencer x

Products mainly used: 
 - eco friendly, combats 99.999% of bacteria & fungi, safe around pets
  • used to disinfect pet equipment, kennels, remove tick/mites, wash folds of bulldogs or similar, disinfecting wounds & cleaning ears.

  • use on furnishings (hard or soft), outside areas, cars & washing machines
  • breaksdown enzymes instead of masking them
  • tackles animal urine, vomit and “wet dog”
  • more effective on car and dog urine than leading competitors

  • added to pets water to improve dental hygeine
  • cleaner, plaque-free teeth with healthier gums
  • prevents bad breath and gingivitis
  • eco friendly 

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