5 Favourite Dog Enrichment Treats

 Food enrichment is a fun way to make feeding a slightly more challenging & productive activity. Since the weather has suddenly got hot again (I know, what?!) I thought I'd share 5 of my favourite food enrichment products (and how to use them) as many can be frozen & are brilliant for using when it's too hot to go out. 

So, here are 5 easy-peasy enrichment treats to make up. 

Frozen Kong
  1. In a cup, line the outside of the kong with kitchen foil
  2. 'Plug' the bottom of the kong with food and then stuff 
  3. Pour boiling water in and leave to expand and cool
  4. Finish off with (dog friendly) peanut butter and freeze overnight

Kong Wobbler
  1. Open up kong wobbler and fill with size appropriate treats
  2. Leave on floor and tilt to treat

 B&M Snake Treat Toy

  1. Fill snake with treats
  2. Top up with (dog friendly) peanut butter to seal


  1. Spread your favourite treat on the mat and serve

 Slow Feeders

  1. Add food to slow feeders
  2. Add water and serve 

Product Links
Kong & Kong Wobbler - Pets At Home
Snake - b&m
Lickimat & Slow Feeder - Amazon

Kate and Spencer x

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