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When Laura Jane, fundraiser for Lifespan, asked if I would model some clothing for a charity fashion night I couldn't turn something like that down. It's been such a long time since I've done a catwalk (and I was very relieved it was about 5 metres long haha!) so I was super excited to help out.

Lifespan brings ease and support to people with any serious and life limiting illness, and, to the family and friends who care from them. They visit at home, in hospital and hospices. They provide continuity if care helping the patient and their family through the illness. They work alongside GP's, consultants, hospital teams, Macmillan and other nursing teams to address the physical and emotional needs of the patient. They provide things like complimentary therapies, nutritional advice, counselling, art workshops, befriending and sitting service and bereavement support. 

I've took part in a few fashion shows before and I know what a huge job they are. This one though, was spectacular. And for a first go at organising and running a fashion night, Laura did a bloody good job!

I arrived at Matfen Hall and it was the most ideal setting. It obviously helped that the sun was out, but it was perfect for a lovely night out. Once I'd found my way through the maze of corridors (honestly, you could get lost for hours in that place!) I arrived to get my hair and make-up done. I met some of the other models, firstly, the little 4 children who i'm pretty sure screamed at me to chase them then ran off! Then I met the 'mature' models who were from Laura's 'mature movers' class she runs. Finally, I met the other adult model Rebecca + later on the other 2 joined us. I got there looking rough as anything. I'd spent from 10am-3.30pm in hospital and then discharged myself because I wanted to go to the show - whoops. I'd had (and still have...) some sort of severe virus which causes a widespread weird rash which is just what you want when modelling, but instead of staying in hospital I was a bit rebellious. I'm so glad! Toni and Katie Jane first of all worked wanders on my hair. I had it curled then put up and it looked fabulous. I then had my make-up done by Susan which was absolutely stunning. Nichola was doing Rebecca's too - both girls are so talented and made us look catwalk ready!.

We had a very quick rehearsal and fitting, I've lost a lot of weight so getting anything which is a little 6 to fit my body at the moment was a bit of a nightmare but we made it! First up was the children. They were modelling The Little Wardrobe from Shotley Bridge who had the most adorable clothing. All the little models did so well - getting 4 changed quickly was crazy but they were oozing with confidence. Little Emily even taught me how to catwalk she was so good! Here's a picture of Dacey, Laura's daughter, who was absolutely fabulous. 

Then, we were on modelling Captain Tortue who I originally had never heard of. They are a french chic brand and I really loved their clothes. I was put in the comfiest pair of cropped denim jeans (which I ended up buying - £20 in the sale!) and an off the shoulder jumper with scarf. Then mixed it with a sparkly top. The other girls had a range of sports wear and dresses. All their clothes were comfy and unique, so it was a privilege to model for them.

Next, the mature models went on for M&Co. They had a lot of orange/red for their first change of clothes and I really liked the patterns. Then, the most summery numbers came out with floaty tops and white jeggings. They all seemed to have a lovely time to that was fabulous.

Finally, we had the ball gowns. We had a little issue as a lot of the dresses were too big for us, but we managed. I had a lovely blue wrap dress (which I 100% was wearing as a cape until Rebecca twisted it around me before I went on stage!). Rebecca had a lovely sparkly fitted dress with a more neutral one, whilst Rachel had 2 neutral ones with a lace one I particularly liked. I always like modelling the ball gowns, makes me feel like a proper princess so it was fabulous to end on that.

Alongside the fashion show, there was a shopping area with stalls from handmade crafts to clothes. It was a fantastic night giving people the opportunity to shop and chill out in a beautiful location and for a fantastic cause. I can't stress enough what a brilliant job Laura Jane did and I really hope she does another one again. The first one is always the hardest but I can see this being a really good event.

Anyways, from me, that's it. I walked far too much so I've been in bed ever since so I'm on strict rest for the next few days at least. But, I wanted to share what a fantastic time I had. I hope one day I'll be able to organise an event as big and as successful as that!

Kate x

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