National Carers Week - Our unsung heroes

National Carers Week - 8th-14th June 
Our unsung heroes

I wanted to do a short blog about carers. I've had my article on young carers published before, but I feel like every year I need to spread the world about how amazing carers are and how they've made a difference in my life.

Let me take you back a few years. When I was at my worst with my ME, I suffered paralysis and couldn't do any daily tasks by myself. I was totally reliant on my family and small group of carers. My sister, now 19, was classed as a young carer at the time too. They used to have to do tasks from washing me & brushing my teeth to making meals. It's not only until you have to write all these tasks down, that you realise how much they did for you. 

Now, it's a totally different picture, but I'm still very dependant on carers for many of my tasks through the day. Currently, my family cares for me most of the time. I also have a care agency who come around every day (currently hoping to increase to twice a day because of my relapse). 

My family do most of my tasks. Examples of these are cooking meals, collecting items from downstairs, making drinks, making sure I'm awake at the correct time, helping with medication, taking me out occasionally, taking my to hospital appointments, helping me communicate (I can loose this very quickly on bad days)... plus a tonne of other things. They'll look after me for as long as I'm awake, and if I'm particularly having a bad time, through the night too.

My care agency do slightly different tasks. They'll make me breakfast/lunch which they'll bring up to my bed if I'm not well, or to my recliner if I'm ok! They'll help with my meds, have a general chat and help with any little tasks they can do in the time allowed. On Mondays, my carer takes me along to weekly rehab sessions and helps me with walking, managing appointments and making my lunch. On Wednesday, Vicki (who is a star) takes me on usually my only non-hospital related outing of the week. We have to play it by ear depending how I am on the day, but it can range from lunch out to shopping trips. She's my only carer who's my age so we always have a good chat too.

There are so many carers about, a lot of them not having the recognition they deserve. All my carers do so much for me and they'll be people out there who need a lot more help. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all those who've helped me personally, and are helping everyone else!

Because of all the work my family especially put into me, that really egged me on to start Project Parent. Have a look here at how we're supporting carers!

Sorry it's a bit of a shorter post, I'm so exhausted today.
Kate x

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