June plans & shed updates

I'm never really excited about certain months. In fact, I'm never usually that excited for my birthday. But this year is different. I turn 21 on the 8th and due to health (as always!) we've planned a birthday month instead. Lots of little activities to spread it out. It doesn't help that I have exams around my birthday, and even better, I'm in hospital that day too!

Activities include: dinner out, spa day, garden party and finally finishing my a-levels.

Now, my main present is my shed. This has suddenly got a lot of attention, with people asking to see it on instagram and lots of visitors. Well, we had thought about it for awhile, and after a bit of a depressing hospital appointment where the outlook for my health isn't so good, we decided to go for it! I put a lot of my savings into this, but my lovely mum&dad have kitted it out for me! It's not quite finished, but, here it is!

 I have a nest of tables which I am currently up-cycling for my tea set. Oh, and I've got a light up kettle, thats a necessity. Still got blinds to go too, and a few things to put in (yes Alex, my guitar will be featured) but it's getting there! I'm hoping for it all to be done for my later birthday weekend where some of my (amazing) friends are travelling to see me. But for now, it's still perfect to me.


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