Hello lovely ones :)

I apologise for not posting for a few weeks.. I've been very busy (kinda good, kinda bad) so had no spare energy! But, having a bed day today and got the energy to come on the laptop, so I'd thought I'd update you all :)

Soo.. what's been happening these past few weeks!

Start with the negatives first.. I've been in hospital, quite a lot. I went in for tilt table testing, turns out I have vasovagal syncope so getting another tilt test and 24h blood pressure monitoring soon.. Went in for a very tough day of testing for my stomach which is playing up again.. And besides all the other hospital appointments and visits, I think I've only been in a&e once due to immense pain these past few weeks. So not to bad for me ;)

Positives - all I care about really ;) Well, it was my boyfriends birthday which was lovely :) We went to see Michael McIntyre! I also went a long to a rugby match :) And, I went to Boots to do nail art for Children In Need, and raised a good amount of money which was really great :) Annnnnnd, at the end of October, I performed in the pantomime which I loved :)

So, been a very busy month or so.. Obviously paying for it, but totally worth it! Now I'm just settling down back to my 'normal' routine of not doing very much, give my body a chance to heal!

Anyways, today's blog post will be about nails :') After spending 2 hours in Boots doing nail art for Children In Need, I know can tell you what the best nail varnishes are - and what's hot this season!

Magnetic Nail Varnish 
For all those who don't have the time, energy or skills for nail art - this is perfect. Basically, you apply a THICK coat (after doing this many times, I worked out the thicker the polish, the greater the effect!) of nail polish, and carefully hover the magnet over your nail (without touching it!) for about 10 seconds to produce designs like these. You can get different colour nail polish, and different magnetic designs :) Personally, my favourite brand for this is '17' and that's the one I would recommend for this!

Crackle Nail Varnish
Again, good for those without the time,energy or skills to do some basic nail art. Apply a base coat, then a colour of normal nail varnish of your choice. Once it's completely dry, apply one coat of the crackle nail varnish, watch it crackle, and then seal with a top coat of clear varnish. You can get the crackle effect in lots of designs, like crocodile, and also come in a variety of colours :) I do like O.P.I for this, but it's so expensive! So I go with Barry M, which is just as good!

Glitter Nail Varnish - (my favourite!)
I lovelovelove glitter nail varnish. Best brand by far is Barry M. Absolutely adore the stuff! As you can see, you can cover the whole nail with glitter, or, you can cover half to make a kind of two tone effect. I absolutely LOVE 'amethyst' which is my favourite one to have on my nails. But, all of them are great ;) Go buy them all, or send them to me ;)

'Gelly' Nail Polish
This has just been brought out Barry M, and it's a very high shine paint which looks like gel :) It comes in a lovely range of colours, and gives a very classy, elegant look.

6 Must Have Nail Varnishes for this season:

Barry M Amethyst 

 Barry M Black - really nice shade of black, as silly as it sounds! So shiny and sophisticated!
Barry M Gelly Watermelon
 Max Factor Bronze
 Max Factor Cappuccino
Nails Inc Trafalgar Square

Hope everyone is as 'ok' as they can be :) 

lots of love, kate x

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