Winter is coming..

Hello :)

Today is just a short post, as I'm resting super hard so I don't relapse, and so far it's successful  Just want to enjoy Christmas :) It was -2 when I woke up yesterday, all cold and icy, and all I wanted to do was wrap up warm and snuggle into bed!

So, here's what I wore yesterday to keep me nice and toasty..
Alpaca gloves, they're my best buy ever! Help keep my wrists warm and therefore help my pain :)

Gorgeous plum colour chunky scarf from river island, it's so soft and I love the colour!

Thick knitted tights, I got mine from M&S in the super soft range so they're nice to my legs
And, I wore an emerald green swallow dress (can't find an online photo) which I adore, and of course, a nice big hoodie on top courtesy of my boyfriend ;)

I also have an ingenious pair of earmuffs for when I go outside, which are also headphones!

So, keep warm this winter, and, stay fashionable in the process ;)

I've been planning my final textiles piece which is quite exciting really, I will share once it's been marked in January, but I love love love it :) I'm also doing a few Christmas fair's to sell some of my jewellery and crafts, which so far are going super well :) Catching up with orders at the moment so hopefully everything will be sent by early December, then I can relax!

Hope you're all keeping well,

lots of love, Kate x

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