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Hello :) I apologise that it's been nearly a month since my last blog post! Energy hasn't stretched enough for blogging for awhile! 

A little update on what's been happening this past month.. Well, my boyfriend ran & pushed me for 3 miles for Sport Relief, I've spent far too much money on beads and made loads of new crafts :)

I have decided that every season from now, I am going to do a 'jewellery must have' blog post. This will include what the latest trends are for the season! I will start with summer in a months time, as I'm struggling to stay on the laptop long enough to gather information at the moment!

But, a massive trend which is about now, is basically 'All Things British'. With the Queens diamond jubilee coming up, and the Olympics, Britain is this year's trend! I've been making lots of Britain inspired jewellery & crafts! 

 Bracelet :)
Writing set :)

Take a look! When I reach 200 members there will be a big competition! 

I also have something very exciting planned for after my exams :) Well a few! I'm hoping to hold my very first jewellery and crafts party at home! I've started making jewellery kits which I am majorly excited to sell! And, it's my 18th so I am having a party for that which I am soooooooo excited about!

Craft Project: Flag!

You can make flags with virtually any theme :) Olympic or jubilee themed might be a good idea, especially if you're having a house party! Basically, all you need is paper, a garden stick, sellotape and pens :) Wrap the paper round the stick, and sellotape in place. Decorate as you wish, and you have your own little flag!

Again, sorry I haven't updated my blog in awhile! Over the next month I may not be able to do my weekly blog posts, as exam revision & my energy aren't mixing well! 

lots of love, kate x

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