Gosh, it's been so long since I've posted on here! Lots has been happening, and energy has been scarce, so blogging took a back seat for awhile!

Little update since I last blogged..
I sat my maths exam! It was split into 2 papers, totally wiped me and one of them was so hard but I DID IT! Had a bit of bother at the end as the lift broke and I couldn't get down the stairs.. but hey ho ;) I had my 18th birthday, which I will write a bit more about soon, & it was absolutely amazing :) I've had lots of hospital trips, including an admission.. So I've been and seen lots of hospital beds in the North East ;) And, I have made lots of new & pretty things :)

My 18th

I'm finally 18 :) I'm going to tell you about my day & what I did :)

I started off the day opening presents :) I got totally spoilt by friends & family! I do have a picture but I look so rough as I was actually quite poorly in the morning, so I'm going to leave that one ;) After opening my presents there was a knock at the door, and to my surprise, my boyfriend Michael (who should be at work) was standing with presents :) He took the day off to spend with me which was so lovely :D I had a lie down, and after I ate some potato wedges :p Fell asleep for quite awhile, as I wasn't feeling well, and got woke up later on by a knock on the door which was my beautiful bestfriend/soulmate/kindacousin Becca Stanforth :D We opened presents & had a little chat before she left & I got my hair washed & put up for me :) Rested for hours then got ready for the party :) Had a lovely time at the party, had a dance, spoke to people & generally had a great time :) Then collapsed into bed when I got back as I majorly overdid it ;)

My birthday really was spread out over the weekend too. I spread out present opening over a few days, had a massive bed/dead day after my party but managed a photoshoot the day after with Becca which was great :) Definitely love having Becca up, was absolutely amazing, and we are already trying to plan our next meet up!!

And here's a photo of my with my beautiful cake :)

With all that birthday excitement & hospital things, it's taken it out of me a bit, but I'm still managing to do things I enjoy :) And I still seem to have things to keep me busy ;) I have this amazing new craft idea which I'm working really hard on, and I absolutely love making them. Will post more about them when I publish the photo's & things! I had my first ever jewellery party, which went really really well! And, I'm still managing to (kind-of) do most of my 2 hour a week online learning :) Doctor says to cut it to 10mins at a time, so we're trying to adjust it so I'm less wiped which will be good!

Unfortunately I've been having quite a tough time with deaths.. 6 in the past few weeks which has obviously been emotional but I have tried my very best to support who I can :) On a more positive note, one of my birthday presents was a fish tank, so I am enjoying watching them swim about from my bed! 

Anyways, that's (what was supposed to be) a quick catch up on my life :) I'll post a bit later in the week & I'll have a crafty project on there for you all :)

Stay strong,
Keep smiling,
Never give up.

Lots of love, kate x

Just a note: I'd love to hear from you whether its text/email/facebook. Don't mind if we have never talked before, or we'd fallen out, or we just lost contact.. Just a little hello would be super lovely <3

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