I know Spring isn't actually 'official' yet until the 20th, but I'm seeing little signs of spring now which is so lovely :)

You have to look really close, as I took this photo on my phone, but here are some baby lambs! I've also seen snowdrops, daffodils & a lot more bird fluttering around :)

Today's blog post is about places I would love to visit, and what I would do there. This week I've seen so many people that I haven't seen in ages! One of which, was a friend who came over & told me how she's taking a gap year. In the gap year she's travelling the world! Obviously, I need to be a lot better to travel, but here are some places I would love to go see when the time is right :)

15 Places I want to visit
 Florida - I'd love to go to disneyworld, seaworld, the space centre, shopping..ect
 Africa - I would love to do some volunteer work & go on safari
 Caribbean- Just go on a lovely relaxing holiday in the sun, go swim in an infinity pool, and go snorkling!
 China - See the great wall of china, go visit a panda sanctuary & eat chinese ;)
 Paris - (Again ;)) Go up the eiffel tower & do all the main attractions there - even though I've done most of them already ;)
 London- (again ;) I would love to go see a west end show, see a ballet at the ROH, go shopping, go on the london eye..
 Mexico - Actually don't care where I do this, but I want to swim with dophins!
 Turkey - Just purely for the mud bath ;)
 New York - Definitely go ice skating in central park. Do all the popular things like shopping, breakfast at tiffany's, empire state, statue of liberty...
 New Zealand - explore & I want to sky dive there!
 Canada - Go see Niagara falls on a helicopter is the main thing I want to do there!
 France/Italy - Go skiing!
Thailand - I want to ride an elephant :) Also buy lots of pretty beads my uncle gets me from there! 

Australia - Scuba dive in the great barrier reef
Italy - go on a gondola!

So many thing I dream to do, and I'm sure I'll get there eventually :) What places do you want to visit?

Craft Project:

This one is pretty self explanatory really, but it's a good idea which anyone can do! All you need is some wooden blanks (you can get them from hobbycraft, most craft shops or online) and decorate them as you like :) Make a hole and add twining if you want to be able to hand your decoration!

lots of love, kate x

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  1. I love your blog! Practically all of the things you do, and places to visit are the same as mine! Hope you are well :) x