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It's been a little while since I've been blogging - but I have exciting news! I took some time out, due to a relapse in my health, but I wanted to share with you my latest achievement.

I found out in July I had been nominated for a O2ThinkBig Digital Award. For all those who aren't aware, o2thinkbig funded £2,800 and provided training & support for me to set up Project Parent. If you're 13-25yrs, and would like to improve your community, they can help you with training/costs/opportunities - all you need is an idea! 

I was one of a handful of people nominated for this years awards. Unfortunately, due to health reasons (as always!) I wasn't able to attend the awards myself. But, the team have been amazing including me, so my parents traveled down on my behalf & I recorded a video to be played on the night. My parents said the night was amazing, they met so many inspirational people and heard so many stories. And, to my shock, I won 'Most Inspirational Project' of the year! 

My parents came back buzzing and it really kick started them into helping out again. It didn't hit me until a week after that I just won a national award, as I was struggling a lot with my depression, but now I'm very proud.

I can't thank o2ThinkBig enough for all their support and work. I've actually been chosen as a Think Bog Champion which I'm so excited for, so I owe a lot to them. Also, I have an amazing little bunch of volunteers who I couldn't do without. From packing boxes to doing marathons to raise money for Project Parent, every little (or huge!) thing counts.

I nearly stopped Project Parent this year after an awful meeting with a funding group (who basically slated me but that's another story...) but now I'm keen to get going with it all again. I'll continue and work hard for all the opportunities I've been given, whether that's Project Parent or just helping in the local community, so I hope you can do the same. Even better, send me your stories. I love knowing how people make a different.

Il leave you with a few photos of my newspaper article, Gemma Brown did an amazing job getting the story out and it was such a sweet write up - so major thanks to her!

Love as always, Kate x

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