Birthday - Part 2

Well, it's now July, meaning I have finally stopped celebrating my birthday! I think I've majorly overdid it, but it was well worth it...

My birthday weekend was the last weekend in June, and what a weekend it was. Some of my favourite people travelled far to celebrate with me which meant so much! So a special thanks to Alex, Becca + Andrew for all that travelling. We started the weekend by going to the Great North Children's Hospital's 5th birthday party. I made a cake (which in the end we couldn't give to them...) but we met Jean-Christophe Novelli (which I'm not going to lie, I had no clue who he was!) and we had a look around. Andrew smashed (literally) the coconut shy and they had gluten free goodies which was perfect!

There was a stand with a bike school. Now, take you back 7 years ago before I got ill, I was always on my bike. I've wanted to at least try get on a bike for awhile now, and since there was a whole team there to support me, that seemed like the ideal opportunity. And, I did it! We only went a few metres but it felt so good. Achievements all round!

My party was in the afternoon and I had close friends and family round to celebrate. It wasn't a huge gathering as I struggle having many people over, but it was just the perfect amount. People who I haven't seen in many months turned up which was so lovely!

In true ME style I had to have an hours rest whilst my 'party' was happening. Andrew took this photo when he came to wake me up!

We got a taxi into town and went for cocktails for a few hours. We all (eventually) got a photo by the quayside which was so special. This is one for the photo album!

Here we all are (plus 2 random guys). Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated with me :)

We got some lovely pictures in the evening. One of which was the beach by the quayside - not ideal in heels!

So yeah, overall, a lush a special birthday. This month I have definitely learnt who my true friends are and a special selection of them made it a birthday not to forget!

Kate x

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