Make a difference at christmas...

I've been thinking a lot the past few days. Probably because I've been stuck in bed again. But it made me think. A lot. Not all good, but some very important things... At least to me.

I don't like banging on about my health, mainly because it's boring and it's just a thing you get on with. But I was so poorly this week I felt like I was back to square 1. I was stuck in bed, struggling to talk, unable to sit up, getting help with absolutely everything and paralysis started in my legs again. Not what you need when you're a dance teacher. Anyways, I'm doing so much better now, currently sat up on my recliner and dressed, so improvement is steady and good. Phew. But when I was lying in bed, I was wandering how in the world I managed to cope when I had severe ME, and how those who are still suffering are managing.

2 of my best friends have very severe ME. Jessica, who I met when she was having her first trip outside in her hospital bed in years, runs a charity from her bed. A charity from her bed. The girl who took 8 years to be able to sit up spends her precious energy on making severely ill people smile. Inspirational or what. Next, is my super friend Merryn, who I literally adore. She came up to see me a few years a go, and I managed to go see her too, but unfortunately she's now in 'life threatening' condition in hospital and has been for 10 weeks. She's literally the most lovely person you'll ever meet and we laugh so much, and every single day I think of her & how she can cope with such bad symptoms. I don't know what you do when you're that poorly, you just battle through it I suppose. Anyways, going a bit off topic, I had about 4 days experience of a fraction of what they suffer, and it was awful. I'm so thankful for my health and where I am now, I know I've taken some steps backwards but gosh look how far I've come.

I spent 2 years having my christmas presents opened for me as I didn't have the strength, and one christmas I was so poorly I couldn't enjoy it. But I wanted to share some ways you can make a difference at christmas to people who may be a bit less fortunate - either money wise of health wise.

  1.  Postpals is a charity set up by another bed bound ME sufferer Vicki. You can send cards and presents to children who are seriously ill and help brighten their day. I once sent all 50 letters one time, so I'm sure 1 would be possible for most. So I know a lot of people are writing christmas cards, just taking a minute to write an extra card for someone who'd appreciate it so much
  2. Donate supplies to local food banks. Our current campaign for Team V is on this topic, and how easy it is to put an extra few things in your shopping to give to people who may need it,
  3. Donate unwanted christmas presents. This is quite an easy one, you always get a gift which you're not so sure of, so donate them to charity or set up a stall and sell them with proceeds going to a cause. I did this last year for my own charity which features in the next one..
  4. Set up your own charity. If you've got a good enough idea, go do it. I got funding through 'Think Big 02' to set up my own charity for this Christmas. It's going really well and I'm hoping to apply for a larger grant next year. Fingers crossed.
  5. Support your local community. It's an easy one, go along to events and show some interest. We did a onsie walk at dancing so there's some really fun things to get involved in!

I think I could go on forever tonight, but that'll do for now, I must rest. My point just wanted to be how easy it is to make a difference at Chritmas and remember those who aren't so fortunate.

Kate x

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  1. You are inspiring and I am proud to call you my friend! keep fighting xxx