Welcome back Kate ;)

Ah, how I've missed blogging :( Hello everyone again..

Well, as you might have seen from my last (very brief) blog post, I've been quite poorly *everyone shout boo!* :( Delayed crash payback/awful tonsillitis/colds/relapses/general winter ME/ emotional stress/possible glandular fever.. means my body has been *trying* to fight extra hard and it made me literally stuck in bed for quite awhile.. But, good news is, I'm very slowly getting there :) I'm still not my best, having a lot more total bed days and I need to sleep / lie down in the quiet a lot but a lot better than before and still smiling :)

Anyways, since I'm recovering a bit, I'm hoping to blog once a week again (obviously depending on health), so every Saturday night I'll be doing a blog post, just if you're interested! I've got a lot of ideas / things I want to share so I'm looking forward to it!!

Well, despite the poorly-ness and extra resting, a few really nice things have happened!
I found out that a photo I entered in a competition came in the top 5 (3rd!) and is getting printed as a Christmas card to help raise money for ME research! I was absolutely buzzing from it! I'll let you know where you can buy them when I get more details :)

I'm also looking at getting a new car! *which is kind or good, kind of bad* At the moment I'm struggling to physically get in/out of my car and fit the wheelchair in, so, we're having a look at some larger cars which has actually been super exciting! 
I went to see Disney On Ice last night which was the most AMAZING thing ever! I turned into a little kid when the show started :') We got a photo with Minnie & Mickey, ate snowcones, got some cool plastic cups, sang disney songs and generally had an awesome time. LOVED IT.
Seen some gorgeous deer in my garden..
Did some textiles work, and worked with the graphics teacher on my front cover :)
And, I have some lovely things coming up, like Panto week, Jewellery Party, Michael McIntyre, Christmas.. :) Will balance out all the hospital trips ;)
Now, for the actual blog post for this week!


Just in case you didn't realise, the leaves are changing colour. And, it's getting rather chilly. Which only means one thing, Autumn is here (mind you, it feels more like winter!) Because of that, I now think it's only acceptable to drink hot chocolate, wear big wooly jumpers and lie by the fire :') 

I've bought a winter coat.. You like?

 And, this I'm super proud of. I made this flower out of leaves :) Absolutely love it, and ended up making loads more!

Hopefully as my health improves, I'll be able to get out with my camera and take lots of photos of the gorgeous Autumn trees and scenery :)

Anyways, long blog post, so I'll leave it here :) See you all next week for my next post :)

lots of love, kate x


  1. Love the coat (where did you get it?), flower(great idea), florals front cover. Well done on the photo- is that ME Research UK?
    We use a Vauxhall Meriva which is great for getting the wheelchair in and out as the boot entrance is flat and low.
    I'm struggling a bit with autumn appearing; can't lie in the garden anymore! And when we leave the house it certainly is cold! Look forward to next week's post. :0)

  2. Hey hannah :) The coat is from 'Firetrap' :) It's for 'Invest in ME' :) Thanks for that info, we've ordered (eek!) a Mercedes B-class as it's not too big but high up & a HUGE boot ;) Sending lots of love x