Olympic Fever

Hello lovely's :)

Been a little while since my last post.. trying my best to make them more regular though as I am *trying very hard* to get on the laptop for half an hour once a week!

So, little update. I seem to be quite poorly again *booooo* but resting loads to try not go into relapse! I got a B in my maths AS level which was a huge achievement, even though I'm resitting that last paper because I know I can do much better ;) I can now sing and do sign language at the same time, and will be performing it on stage scaryandexciting! And, I'm doing a revamp of my jewellery & crafts business, which I'll post more on in a few weeks time - as well as pictures of me making bathbombs/soaps/newprouducts :) :) :) So, despite being extra poorly still achieving things which feels brilliant :) :)

Anyways, Olympics! Everyone has been talking about it, I know, but I really really enjoyed it :)

I always look forward to the Olympics, where ever it is. But in my home country? That's something special! Being stuck in bed / sofa most of the time, I am getting a bit sick of dvd's and 'Come Dine With Me' along with the other programmes I usually watch through the day! When the olympics is on though, I love it! It doesn't take up much energy, but at the same time it is interesting :) Even though unfortunately I didn't make it down with my family to see it, I was there cheering at my tv dressed all patriotically! I also loved hearing the stories about where the athletes had come from, and what amazing progress they'd made whilst turning their life around. Was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I was definitely proud to be British - as cheesy as it sounds! From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, I was hooked to the TV and got majorly excited every time Team GB got a medal! I also think that it has brought our country together a bit, and the new arena's will give so many opportunities to up and coming stars!

Leading on from that, even though I didn't make it to London, I got to see some of the Team GB rowers! They happened to be in a town about 10mins away from me whilst I was going for a push along the river *lucky or what!* They came over, had a really nice conversation, took photos and let me hold an Olympic medal! What absolutely lovely athletes!

 Holding an olympic medal :)
Here I am with Matt Wells :)

Now, I am all excited for the paralympic games too! And as they say, 'thanks for the warm-up' ;)

I've decided to do a 'photo of the week' and a 'make of the week' :) Will occasionally keep posting craft projects but my brain is struggling to write fluent instructions ;)

Photo of the week:

 Check out my photography page - http://www.facebook.com/KateStanforthPhotography
Very excited about my photography, been asked to submit some pictures for a magazine which I'm super excited about!

Make of the week:

rings,rings,rings <3 p="p">

Hope everyone is okay, got a lot of nice things in store for blog posts coming soon!

lots of love, kate x

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