We all need a little pick me up..

Hello lovely ones :)

Firstly, I'd like to show you some things I've been making these past few weeks :) Posted them on my jewellery page and the feedback / sales have been fab :) 

 Love hanging decoration
 Little peggy chalkboards
 heart <3

Today, I want to talk about 'pick me up's' :) I've had a rather tough week all in all... but luckily I've had some nice little pick me up's which made me week far better!!

Friendships. In any way, shape or form :) My family, boyfriend + friends have helped me loads through this week :) Whether it was hugs, kind texts or post they all made me smile :)

Achievements. Fun times. Like me on the flying swings, loved every second and had major jelly legs when I got back into my wheelchair!

1. Your Strength or Weakness

Moving forward

Colour Reading

DRIVE is your strength today and it is also your most admirable quality. You are strong because of the ability you have to drive projects and people around you into action. You are moving forward and compelling everyone and everything else to do the same. This is only perceived as a weakness when others around you are not guided by the same energy to push on. For you however, your ability to drive is a shining strength.

2. Your Subconscious

And you'll see it

Colour Reading

Deary me! Who needs to BELIEVE a little more in themselves then? You know what? It is OK, you can BELIEVE in yourself and you will see the difference you can make. Look at your other two emotional choices, see how they are supporting you ?

3. Your Aspiration


Colour Reading

“One day I will be STRONG”. That day has come. Make it your talent from here on in. Stand firm in your conviction, keep STRONG and you will see the difference in everything you do.

Finding out new things. Here's my LUSH colour wheel :) It's amazing!

I think everyone needs a pick me up. And I also think everyone needs to know what makes them happy when times are tough. I have a 'happy box', kindly made by my best friend, with quotes in to keep me going :) I also know my friends + family are always there, and that if things are tough, they will get better :)

CRAFT PROJECT: Decorated fairy lights..

This is such a lovely thing to do, and when I put them on my stall they are so popular! Now the weather has finally brightened up, lighten up your garden with gorgeous decorated jars.

What you need: Jam jars, wire, tissue paper, tealight + PVA

Cut decorations + shapes out of the tissue paper + glue using pva onto the jam jars :) Wrap the wire around the brim of the jar, then form a loop to hang it up :)Put a tea light in it and watch all the shapes light up! DONE!

Instead of tissue paper, you can use glass paint or ribbons. You can put light in instead of tea lights if you want too :) Notice different shapes create different shadows when you put the light in, so experiment!

love kate x

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