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It's summer and many people are celebrating the fact that we are experiencing an unusually warm period of weather. The heatwave might be good news for some, but for those with chronic illnesses, it can play absolute havoc to their conditions. My body struggles in the heat, which can exacerbate faint episodes, fatigue, and pain. So, I thought I would share some of my personal tips on staying cool in the summer heat.

"My body struggles in the heat, which can exacerbate faint episodes, fatigue, and pain"

In this blog post, I'm going to focus on 5 easy-reach items I would particularly recommend. I have an emergency medication box in my room with items that are easy to grab for if I'm starting to feel unwell. These items are transportable, easy to use and I can manage most of these myself if I'm having a flare. 

*Some of these items are affiliate links, which I have marked with AF. This means that if you purchase the item through my link, a small percentage gets given to me at no cost to you. No pressure to do so!*

5 Easy Reach Items To Keep You Cool

1) Water

An easy one is to make sure you are hydrated. I have to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep my blood pressure stable, so we have water bottles all over the place. Of course, I have a spare one filled with water in my cupboard. Whilst it might not be fresh, it will get me through the night until I can ask for some help in the morning so my parents can get some sleep - so little things like that matter! I've linked the water bottles I use as they are leakproof and clip onto bags. They are expensive though so there's much cheaper options in shops!

2) Migraine Cap

As a chronic migraine sufferer, I live in my migraine cap. I own this migraine cap with magic gel which I absolutely love, but there is a whole range on the market. The main thing about this though is that it has a cooling effect and could be used even if you don't have a migraine. I find it really settling because of the pressure too!

Note: The one I purchased isn't currently in stock but is called Magic Gel Migraine Cap from Amazon

3) Cool Pad

My assistance dog, Spencer, has a cooling mat, and one day I lay with him on the floor I was so warm. It was only when I was at work did I see on the forums that people were using dog cooling mats to manage their temperature regulation! You can get cooling mats for 'humans', but they are basically the same. Have a look in cheap shops when the weather is warm as there are usually good deals on for dog mats!   

4)  Kool Pak Instant Ice Packs

Kool paks are something that I rely on so much. Yes, I am aware it would be better to use ice from the freezer but when I am stuck in bed, it's late at night, or I'm out, then these are key. They come as a small plastic pack that you pop and shake to create the ice. They are fabulous for keeping cool, relocating joints, and quick relief after faints!

Purchase here (AF LINK)

5) Smart Technology

My first 'smart' investment to help with my chronic illness was my remote controlled light bulb which means I can now have a sidelight on without getting out of bed when I'm not well (and change the colours!). Now, I also have a smart plug that I can add to my devices, such as my fan, and turn it off with my voice. This plug that I've linked is only £10 and can be used with many voice-controlled devices, but I personally still prefer the ability to turn things off with a button when I'm able to. 

I hope this list helps you and that you are all managing to cope through the heatwave!
Love as always, Kate x

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