Isolation Essentials

For many of us, our routines have completely been turned upside down. You would think that this wouldn't impact the chronic illness world too much as many spend vast amounts of time already isolated, but, it has created even more obstacles. 

For me, we have now stopped my agency carers coming over to minimise the risk of bringing the virus into the home which means my parents, who are now working from home, have had to adjust to a new enhanced care routine. That being said, if they did become unwell, I'm trying to have a plan in preparation for how I would be able to cope and this involved getting some new items.

I am fiercely independent, so many of these items will help me in the future anyways manage my own tasks; an extra added bonus! I should add, these might be useful for those who aren't chronically ill and starting to work from home too!

Some of the recommended products below have an affiliate link, marked with AF, meaning I earn a very small percentage if you were to purchase an item. This comes at no extra cost to you!


1litre Hand Sanitiser Gel - £15.99

Hand sanitiser is like gold dust at the moment, but Safe Sol have a 1litre bottle available for £15.99 which is one of the best value ones I've found. I've purchased one so when my carers return we can decanter it into smaller bottles, so you could do this if you also have multiple carers looking after you. 

The Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser - £30 (AF)

For those who cannot manage kettles and love a good cuppa, this is an essential. It holds 1.5l (although you can get a 2l version which is a bit more pricey) and dispenses a cup of hot water safely. You may need help to fill up the device but it would last you all day (unless you are me, then that will do a few hours!)

Reusable Muslin Face Cloths - 12pack £8.99 (AF)

I can't manage getting washed everyday, but it's good to freshen up. I normally would use baby wipes, but my friend Katie wrote a fab post (you can see here) as part of the #BinTheWipes campaign about products to use instead of them. So, I'm investing in face cloths which I can put in the wash, with the added bonus I can soak in water and put in the fridge/freezer to help with my migraines and headaches.


King sized, teddy feel, blanket - £16.48 (AF)

I am currently living life snuggled up in a teddy bear feel blanket and I have absolutely no regrets. It makes me feel safe, comfy and warm. You won't be disappointed in this one.

U-Shaped Teddy Bear Feel Pillow - Various Prices 

I have a fantastic U-shaped pillow which provides me with support both in and out of bed. Mine is a teddy bear feel (so really soft) and I got it from Costco. Unfortunately, they don't stock it any more. You can get similar ones off places like Amazon, but I didn't want to personally recommend one I haven't tried as I know I one bought a cheap one and all the stuffing fell to the bottom, so beware when buying cheap ones!

Soft Feel Pyjamas - Various Prices

I live in pyjamas anyways, but now even more so. I really like the 'soft feel' pyjamas which are also loose fitting so don't give me too much pain when wearing. A lot of them look like joggers too, so you can also get away with wearing them in the garden too! Best places to look are M&S and Next.


Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Control - £39.99 (AF)

 The Fire Stick is something I personally love. With spending so much time in bed, but being able to watch things I've seen before as one of my lower energy activities, I subscribed to Disney Plus and Netflix (extra costs) to stream through my Fire Stick to my TV. You can get a number of free features though and I should add the voice control is especially energy conserving. 

Disney Plus - £5.99 a month

I am certainly a Disney lover, so decided it was worthwhile taking out a subscription for Disney Plus whilst isolating at home. I find Disney movies fairly 'low energy' to watch as I've seen most of them before and it has the added bonus that you can share on 3 devices so my family can enjoy it too. 

Audible - £7.99 a month (30 day free trial)

I'm not a massive fan of books, but I have subscribed in the past to audible to listen to books and really enjoyed it. There are other sites which are free but contain limited books, so it is worthwhile having a look around, but it is a good choice for book lovers!

I really hope you are all doing as okay as possible and staying safe. All my love, Kate x

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