Tyneside Cinema - Review

Tyneside Cinema

In December last year, I held one of my first 'proper' events which was a chronic illness Christmas party at the Tyneside Cinema. It's taken me awhile, but I wanted to pop up a quick review up of the venue and it's facilities!


The venue itself is fabulous. The entrance door has a power operated button and there is a large list which will accommodate most wheelchairs. The room we booked for the event, the private cinema, had plenty of space to manoeuvre wheelchairs, adapt seating, change the temperature and even adjust the sound. I have been in the 'normal' cinema and with a wheelchair you usually sit in the VIP section at the back which has plenty of space and comfy chairs to transfer if you can/would like to. The cafe there is a little more tricky at peak times because there is a lot of tables, but there is a very good menu for allergies.

Access to the Venue

This, unfortunately, is a real let down. Parking is very hard (as it is everywhere in town) but if you go when it's quiet you could park near the Theatre Royal without having to self-propel too far. From the station, it's quite a hike. The path up to the cinema is also a bit uneven. You really need to get a taxi to drop you off, or, have a power chair. (Or a strong person to push you!)


One thing that often gets left out is how the staff treat you as a disabled person and I've always had positive experiences here! They have been very welcoming and even adapted requests to suit medical needs. 


There is a large disabled toilet, but no changing room facility. 


Disabled & wheelchair users have two prices. Off peak (Mon-Fri before 5pm) which is £7.75 and Peak (other times) £9.25. Carer tickets are free. However, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, those receiving Job Seekers Allowance, ESA and PIP can go to the cinema for £1 every weekday before 5pm (not on bank holidays). There are also other schemes available on there website here


The cinema does relaxed screenings for those with autism, dementia friendly screenings & captioned screenings on top of things like kids club and baby club. I was impressed at my event when I asked for specific things like lower sound levels that they happily catered for this; they have an amazing access team who clearly care. 


The Tyneside Cinema has great access, with friendly staff and good initiatives to support people into enjoying the arts. It's 5* from me, which is why they got their very own drawing to celebrate.

Kate x

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