Tips For Celebrating New Year At Home

Tips For Celebrating New Year At Home

New Year is one of these celebration’s which has been hyped up to be a huge thing. There’s parties, displays and (of course) resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I do like celebrating New Year because for me, it’s another milestone and a ‘new start’. But, when you look on social media and see everyone at lavish events, New Year can be a triggering event.

My New Year
I have celebrated New Year in many different ways. When I was well, I did the parties.  But for over a decade, I’ve spent most of my New Year's in my bed.  To many, this might not be an issue, but I know to the chronic illness community reading this it feels like you are turning over a new page in exactly the same position.  And I hear you. This is why I wanted to write these tips to hopefully make New Year a bit easier for you all tonight

Ain’t No Party Like A Bed Party
If you are super hardcore and manage to stay up ’til midnight, and are well enough to celebrate, who says the party can’t come to you? That’s right, I’m talking banners around the bed frame, throw on those sparkly heels (because you don’t even have to walk in them) and celebrate in style.

Get Support
Leading on from that, whether you’re able to text a friend or invite someone over for an hour, being able to talk to someone can make the world of a difference.  There’s the #JoinIn which is a hashtag on twitter started by Sarah Millican to help combat loneliness over the festive season and reaches a peak over Christmas and New Year.  Finally, the Samaritans always have someone to talk to on 116 123.

However great or difficult the year has been, I always leave myself time to reflect on the previous year.  It’s important to remember the high’s and the low’s, but write down what I like to call the 3 L’s.  What you’ve loved, learnt and lost.  These will help you reflect, but, also shape your year ahead.

Memory Jar
I’m not brilliant at keeping a diary, so if you’re like me, I thoroughly recommend a memory jar.  Start the New Year with an empty jar and every time you achieve something, however small, write it on a piece of paper and pop it in your jar.  On New Year’s Eve the following year open them all up and see what marvellous thing’s you’ve done!

Celebrating many events in bed in style

I just want to wish you a very safe and comfortable New Year. We hope 2020 brings you good health & happiness to you all. Keep going.

Kate xx

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