Sunderland Beauty Week #gifted

Sunderland Beauty Week
It's been Sunderland Beauty Week, and boy, did they deliver. Now, I'm not going to pretend I'm your average beauty blogger. Disclaimer: I'm not. But now I'm venturing into the world of both beauty and lifestyle I want to share both my journey and tips with you, so here we go!

My Background
Background: I am a disabled model with zebedee. Often seen sporting an inspirational tee, bold lower eyeliner and a cute AF assistance dog. With limited energy and high pain levels, unlike many other bloggers, comfort is my fashion choice and easy is my beauty regime. 

Getting Lost
I was kindly invited to Sunderland Beauty Weeks VIP night (#gifted) and we went on a beauty safari around the centre. Firstly, what I'd like to say is I found the centre both very welcoming and accessible (I will be doing a full accessibility review soon) so if you are someone with additional needs, it's one of the good'uns. We set off on our jolly way to visit a whole array of stands and after the first stand... I got lost. Yes, I was slightly sidetracked speaking to a lovely woman and lost my group, meaning I trekked around the centre with security for a good 10 minutes to find they were just at the counter behind me. That's how I (literally) roll. 

The Good Stuff
We were lucky enough to have some fantastic talks, workshops and samples. Over the past few days I have been trying out some of the products and I've chosen my 5 best picks which I think are good buys, especially if you are an energy saver. What I mean by this is I admire the people who do the 3-step skin routine followed by the exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisture, muslin, etc but I'm just not that girl. I'm making a conscious effort to take better care of my skin but it has to be quick and easy, so here are my top 5 products I'd recommend!

5 Easy Products For A Fresh Face
  1. Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter - I saw the lady from body shop use this to remove make-up and everyone was raving about it. I tried it that night and have used it ever since!
  2. No7 Skin Illuminator - I had a no-make up day and popped a bit of this on to make my skin glow.
  3. Benefit's 'Precisely, My Brow' Pencil - I swear by their brow gel so you can imagine my excitement when I saw a mini brow pencil in my colour (I wear 4) in my goodie bag. Filling in your brows makes a huge difference to your face, even on no make-up days, so it's well worth the investment.
  4. Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector  - Not a stand we visited but I could not live without this product. I have such dark under eyes and the colour corrector makes the world of difference. Try using a peachy tone for dark circles.
  5. Lush Fresh Face Mask, Rosy Cheeks  - As a pamper night I love a face mask and with sensitive skin a clay based one like LUSH is perfect. LUSH hosted a fabulous workshop for us on the evening and were definitely the most disabled-friendly hosts, well done!
All of these products can be purchased from The Bridges Sunderland - Happy Shopping!

Kate x

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