Importance of Self Care

Whether you're ill or not, self-care needs to have a part in our lives. The constant buzz of devices nowadays and the stress of having a million things to do can sometime get too much. So here's 5 ways to calm down.

  1. Take a bath. Putting your favourite bath bomb in, lighting a candle and fully relaxing for 15 minutes is something I rarely do. I've started adding magnesium and epson salts to my relaxation bath to try get my muscles to participate, but just being able to stop for awhile is lovely. When you get out, moisturise to continue the relaxed feeling.
  2. Switch off. Lets face it, we are addicted to our devices. Phones, laptops, tv's... I know my mind is constantly buzzing and even when I am bored I find myself refreshing facebook. So just turn them off. Simple. Half an hour of no eletricals and you can relax or actually talk to people face to face. 
  3. Have a cuppa. Personally, I love a good cup of tea when I'm feeling poorly or stressed. There's loads of flavoured ones out there to help with different problems too. 
  4. Read a book. I know my concentration is bad so I tend to read a lot of self care books or sometimes children's stories. Get something you're interested in; crafts, baking, colouring...ect 
  5. Pets. Animals have a (mainly) calming attribute. Stroking your animal for 10 minutes is a good way to focus. Don't have a pet? Borrow one. I borrowed a friends dog for a day when I was poorly, it's a good idea! 
Everyone has different ways of coping and managing their own emotions and responses, so find whats right for you.

Kate x

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