Feel Good February

Hello :)

I'm doing this post in my phone as I'm not so well at the moment, so I apologise if this looks different to normal! It's nearing the end of February, and my friend John started a project called 'Feelgood February' as part of a vinspired project last year. It was so good he wanted to continue it, and I decided I wanted to help out in my own little way to spread a bit of happiness :)

February 1st-7th
I wrote / texted nice messages to 7 friends who mean the world to me and needed a little pick-me up

February 8th- 14th
Valentines! I made 7 friends homemade friendship bracelets and sent them a little parcel for valentines day

February 15th-21st
I wrote 7 cards to charities which have helped me so much in the past few years

February 22nd-28th
I spoke to 7 people in the community I never met before. Highlights include making friends in Hexham with a man who cooked me some fresh chicken, and meeting Mike (pictured) and his owner which was amazing!

February 29th-31st
These last few days I planned my new charity project, applied for funding & gained supporters. This will hopefully make a huge difference which will go beyond these 2 extra days work :) All will be revealed soon! I also did an extra hour at Josies Dragonfly sorting their attic which I actually really enjoyed! Here's a quote in my T-shirt which I think goes well with this :)

I want to show you how easy it is to make someone smile and make a difference. You can do something huge or something little like send a nice text or give someone a hug. So, hope you enjoy my efforts & I inspire you to do something similar :)

Kate xx

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