Kate Stanforth Academy Of Dance

The time has come... It's time to launch my very own dance studio!!

You can book classes here: https://bookwhen.com/katestanforth

I am currently running 2 online classes on a Wednesday afternoon, suitable for all bodies. One is an inclusive dance class (14+) and the other is an advanced technique with PBT.

My dance journey started when I was 2 years old. I tiptoed into the dance studio and quickly fell in love with the art. By the age of 8, I started training to be a professional ballerina, was dancing at an extremely high level and was nominated for international awards. 

Unfortunately, when I was 14 I suddenly became unwell and never fully recovered. I remember crawling up the stairs and had to give up my dancing, which was heartbreaking. I spent years very unwell, often bed-bound/house-bound and at one point I was paralysed. My organs were shutting down, I had multiple internal bleeds and I spent a lot of time at the hospital. I was diagnosed with multiple complex and chronic conditions, including ME, EDS, Vasovagal Syncope and MCAD. 

Around 6 years later, I had some improvements to the point where I could go out and do small 'activities' again. Of course, I went back into a dance studio as soon as I could! I started assisting classes and set my sights on becoming a fully qualified dance teacher. It wasn't an easy task, it took years, but I became an associate ballet teacher and passed with distinction. I then started teaching from my wheelchair and grew in confidence.

In 2019, I started dancing for myself again, about 11 years after I first became unwell. I could only dance for a minute or so in my wheelchair, but enjoyed it so much. My work was then picked up by a talent agency, Zebedee, which lead me onto opportunities such as getting flown to Miami to dance. I've danced for brands such as George Asda, Kappa, Channel 4, BBC, Capezio... and hopefully many more to come! I was also incredibly lucky to work with a producer who made my own mini-documentary about the first time I properly danced (alongside my student) and we later worked together on a fabulous BBC piece which is coming out next month. 

Despite my love for dance, I've always had a battle with being able to access studio space. I met Craig Heap in January 2020 when I took my nephew to a gymnastics class and we started talking afterward as I wanted to praise him on how accessible the center was. Little did I know, later that year I would receive the surprise of my life when he teamed up with YouTuber and good friend Demi Donnelly as they transformed a spare room into a dance studio for me. It is the most incredible space, filled with the most incredible people, and I cannot thank them both for what they've done for me.

Now, I'm ready. My ultimate goal is to make the dance world more accessible and the classes I'm running are just the start. I cannot wait to build a community and share my experience to help others. 

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